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At My Nanny Solution, we strive to be just that: a solution. Our goal is to have your next event run as smoothly as possible. We do this often– you might not. With this in mind we have put together answers to questions that we seem to get most often before, during and after events.  What are event best practices? How do we hire and train our nannies? How does it all work?

Feel free to scroll down the page to find the information you are looking or use our left sidebar to jump straight to what you are trying to find!

If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t be shy. Give us a call at (720) 419-9414 or send us a note today!

certification & training

What is your training process?


Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, My Nanny Solution incorporated as a cooperative. This means that each of our nannies has a stake in the outcome of every event we provide childcare services for. Because of this we take the skills and training all our nannies very seriously and have experienced extremely low turnover.

Do your nannies have certifications like First Aid & CPR?

All of our nannies hold a diverse grouping of extensive training qualifications through third-party organizations so that you can rest assure children at your event are safe regardless of what may happen. Our nannies’ certifications include:

  • CPR

  • First Aid

  • Emotional Development

  • “3 Steps” from the Colorado State Parent Coalition

  • Universal Precautions – dealing with blood from a bloody nose, fire extinguishers

  • Baby Care – specific methods to make babies feel relaxed, comfortable and safe in the care of someone new

  • Denver’s Early Childhood Council (DECC) trainings – Expanding Quality Infant Toddler Training (EQIT), Childhood Sexuality, Safe Sleep

Do you do background checks?

Yes, My Nanny Solution has conducted background checks during the interview process for all of our nannies through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Our nannies are trustworthy parents.

What is the best practice here? It's a little tricky...


For an outsider, it no doubt is a confusing process. Depending on where you are in the US, there are different (or no) regulations coming from the government. The State of Colorado has a set of regulations, but My Nanny Solution follows the Qualistar recommendations. This set of guiding principles goes beyond what is required by law to ensure that each child has the attention and care they deserve.

Our general nanny-to-child ratios:

  • 1-2 infants (0-3 yrs) & 3 children (4-12 yrs) / per 1 nanny (@ a minimum of 2 hours), OR

  • 6 children (4-12 yrs) / per 1 nanny (@ a minimum of 2 hours)

We can accept any number of children as long as it meets the ratio of nannies-to-children listed above. More information can be found on the Qualistar website here.


If you are unsure who exactly will be attending your event, that’s okay too. During our initial consultation we can help you estimate who will be attending and have nannies on-call to make sure everything runs smoothly no matter what!

staff-to-child ratios

What do I need to consider?


This is very environment dependent and something that is best worked through together during our free consultation. As general parameters, My Nanny Solution asks that the event provider allocates:

  • a suitable are for play

  • a safe, secure, and clean space, and

  • a space that has nearby bathrooms (preferably)

Depending on the event itself this could be a small gym, several smaller rooms, or something totally different. It is hard to fit it in a box as it is rather situation dependent.


Whatever the case, My Nanny Solution will work with your point person to make sure everyone has what they need so that the children can be well taken care of.

event space considerations

What do I need to provide in terms of supplies and/or food?


My Nanny Solution will work with you to make sure that we have what you need. This, too, is event-specific. In general My Nanny Solution will provide the following included with our standard service package:

  • Engaging activities

  • Small toys and games

  • Arts-and-craft projects

If the event is a full day or is associated with a meal, we will work with you to ensure that the children have what they need. In general snacks, however, snacks or other food are not provided by My Nanny Solution out of caution and respect for potential allergies.

requested supplies for childcare

Does My Nanny Solution give medicine to children?


It is our company policy to not provide medicine of any sort, including, but not limited to, cough syrup, allergy medication, or prescription drugs to children. This is the safest option and avoids the introduction of potentially harmful substances. In extreme circumstances in which parents give express direction, supplies and consent My Nanny Solution may make an exception–depending on circumstances.

What systems do you have in place for child pick-up and drop-off?

For the majority of our events, we find that a simple sign in / sign out sheet is best. For larger events or upon request, we have additional systems that can be deployed. Our goal in all of this is to ensure that each child is accounted for and picked up by the same adult that dropped her or him off. Safety, security, and peace-of-mind drives what we do.

Can you transport children to and from events?

Though our staff is trustworthy and holds a clean motor-vehicle record, as a policy My Nanny Solution does not transport children to or from events via motor vehicle.

other items for consideration

something else?

At My Nanny Solution, our goal is to be just that: a solution. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t be shy. Give us a call at (720) 419-9414 or send us a note today!

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